Select media coverage  of my work on legacy lead exposure and IQ loss

Half of US adults were exposed to harmful lead levels as kids, study finds
The Guardian

Americans born before 1996 may have a lower IQ from exposure to leaded gasoline
USA Today

Lead from gasoline blunted the IQ of about half the U.S. population, study says
NBC News 

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Coverage of  work on air pollution and mental health 

Car, factory, and power plant pollution can be damaging to kids’ mental health
Popular Science
Air pollution can impact your mental health
Al Jazeera

Breathing Dirty Air Could Raise a Child's Risk for Adult Mental Illness
US News & World Report

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Coverage of work on the built environment and brain health / wellness 

A lot of us have been thinking about where we live. Here’s what research into neighborhoods shows.
Washington Post

Meet the scientist connecting the dots between air pollution and dementia

Does air pollution cause dementia? 

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